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Book Reviews

Meghan Kenny’s Debut Novel, The Driest Season, at The Triangle (April 2018)

Girlish: Growing Up in a Lesbian Home by Lara Lillibridge, at Hippocampus Magazine (March 2018)

Tilting: A Memoir by Nicole Harkin, at Hippocampus Magazine (September 2017)

Concrete Carnival by Danner Darcleight, at Hippocampus Magazine (March 2017)

Hoopty Time Machines: Fairy Tales for Grown-Ups by Christopher DeWan, at The Triangle (October 2016)

The World of Raymond Chandler: In His Own Words edited by Barry Day, at Hippocampus Magazine (October 2016)

A Backpack, A Bear, and Eight Crates of Vodka by Lev Golinkin, at Hippocampus Magazine (August 2016)

Fat Girl, Skinny by Amye Archer, at Hippocampus Magazine (June 2016)

Your Sick by Elizabeth J. Colen, Carol Guess, and Kelly Magee, Heavy Feather Review (April 2016)

Write Choices: Elements of Nonfiction Storytelling by Sue Hertz, at Hippocampus Magazine (January 2016)

Changing the Subject: Art and Attention in the Internet Age by Sven Birkerts, Hippocampus Magazine (December 2015)

O’s Little Book of Happiness compiled by the Editors of O Magazine, Hippocampus Magazine (September 2015)


“A Sense of Illumination.” A Chat with Toni Graham, Editor of Cimarron Review, at The Review Review (June 2016)